The amazing photographer Leigh Righton and Serial Optimist wanted to go behind the scenes with some of our favorite comedians. Not just some photos back or on stage, or only conversing when that person is “on,” but being there for the down time, seeing them interacting with their peers and really just wanting to give readers or fans of comedy a peak behind the curtain. We wanted to do what we, as fans of comedy, would want to read and see.

The plan was to let the photos tell the story, and Leigh armed with her camera can tell stellar stories.  

Three of my absolute favorite comedians: Marc Maron, Matt Braunger and Brendon Walsh all agreed to let Leigh basically be their shadow over a festival weekend in Vancouver. 

The end result is over 80 just stellar photos of Marc, Matt and Brendon, with appearances by Andy Kindler, Margaret Cho and more. 

Check out the story and photos here, we hope you enjoy it all as much as we do!

*All images copyright Leigh Righton 2013. Images may not be reproduced without  written consent. 

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